Nomad Mobile Working Applications

How Does it Work?

The Nomad App is managed via a cloud based web platform where Digital Nomads set up your organisation and users and build your mobile forms (data capture screens).

The Nomad App will be available to download from the Apple App and/or Google Play Stores. When you log into the app, mobile forms unique to your organisation will be ready for your use.

We configure your solutions, building bespoke reports to merge with your captured data and to generate pro forma PDF’s that can be automatically emailed to yourself and/or your clients directly from location, without having to return to the office to type up a report from paper notes.

What’s more, we can build integration with Google, Dropbox, OneDrive and other popular file storage services.

In addition to storage of your completed forms in PDF format, captured data can automatically populate Google spreadsheets, to pull together a centralised record, and our API can also enable the development of more powerful integrations with other systems.

Users can be given access to one or multiple mobile forms when they log in to the app. Different users in your organisation can be presented with different forms, all centrally managed by Digital Nomads on your behalf.

Digital Nomads can get your mobile apps up and running quickly, working with you to develop mobile solutions that deliver real benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy and assurance.


Every app created on our platform is offline capable as a standard feature because we know Internet connections are not always reliable when you are out in the field.

Our intelligent technology securely caches all data on the mobile device and synchronises when connected.

You can also exit and save a mobile form part way through completion and resume at a later time.

We know that performance is also critical to a good user experience. That’s why our application technology is 100% native compiled code, giving you the speed you expect and access to every device feature e.g. GPS and camera.

Our fully hosted cloud service runs on Windows Azure cloud servers, which includes a 99.9% hardware uptime SLA from Microsoft.

All changes made to your forms via our platform are seamlessly deployed to your users’ devices over the air, with no manual updates needed. With no software to install and manage and a familiar app store process, you are guaranteed ease of use and minimum downtime.

Branded App (Optional)

White label our App Technology and put your own branded app into the Apple App and/or Google Play Stores.

The app carries branding, images and colour schemes of your choice from end-to-end. Your staff will then install and use your branded app (instead of the Nomad App) to get access to their mobile forms and other app content.

We publish your branded app under your organisation’s name in the respective app store(s), with no mention of Nomad or Digital Nomads anywhere. Your app is updated automatically as we release new functionality and ensure compatibility with new devices and operating system versions.

If appropriate, you can even offer your clients their own branded apps in turn, with full support.

Platform Subscription (Optional)

With a Nomad Platform subscription, you could develop your own forms with our drag and drop App Builder tools and gain independence in the management and use of the Nomad APP (or your own branded app) and your mobile forms.

Having access to our platform would also enable you to edit your reports and PDF’s, manage your forms and integrations and add and remove users. The platform also includes push notifications – send tasks and forms to your users in real time.

Cloud based (no software to install), the platform is accessed at

Custom Branded Platform (Optional)

Rebrand our cloud platform with your own identity and enjoy all the features of the Nomad platform to manage your own app and mobile forms.

Use a web domain name of your choice to complete the branding experience (SSL Certificate required).

Nomad Server (Optional)

Host our entire web platform yourself with our Nomad Server product. All you need is an Internet accessible server running Microsoft Windows Server with a SQL Server database.

This gives you full control over all data, backups and network security and is aimed at public sector organisations with IT personnel and infrastructure available to run the platform.


Nomad Solutions are competitively priced and affordable to a range of businesses and organisations.

We charge a flat subscription fee plus a monthly charge for each user. There are no hidden costs. The number of forms in your app and the number of times a form is used has no bearing on our monthly fee.

We levy an initial set up charge to configure your account, design your forms and mobile enable your business processes.

The initial outlay will depend upon the complexity and number of forms and users. With low cost subscription charges and affordable per user monthly costs, Nomad Solutions guarantee value for money for your organisation.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and arrange a demonstration and quotation.

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